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  2007.10.05  23.31
"Kara": The Good, The Bad, and the Stupidly Written...

Last Night, the CW aired the second installment in the seventh season of Smallville titled simply, "Kara". I am so torn with my feelings about this episode because I felt that there were amusing moments and some very, very sad (and I mean in a bad way) moments. Hopefully this will be my first and last installment of what I like to call....

Smallville: The Good, The Bad, and the Stupidly Written

**Warning, Contains Major Spoilage so Proceed With Cautions**

Read more...Collapse )

That's all, thank you for stopping by! Please comment if you agree or disagree, I would love to hear anyone respond! Thanks!</span></p>

*credit for image goes to dj Capslock on LJ, thank you!!

Mood: cynical

  2007.09.17  17.50
Artwork Clex - Smolder

This next one is a reworking of an earlier manip I did of Clark. I tried to use the tricks I've been learning over the past year to improve him. Hope that you guys like him. :)

Thanks, Kiki and Signe, for the beta help, as always.

Title: Smolder
Fandom: Smallville
Character: Clark
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Mature subject matter - all participants within are legal and above the age of consent
Summary: Someone once said that the eyes are the windows to someone's soul. All I can say is that, if they are, I sure do love the view.


  2007.02.23  10.26

Tom Welling graphics
3 user infos
4 headers
2 wallpapers


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The rest this way


  2006.12.01  15.28

Tom Welling
[17] icons
[07] banners

the rest


  2005.12.16  12.48

Hi, newbie to the community.

I will give my eternal soul gratitude and possibly icons or such if you want them to anyone who can lead me to hi-res images of this photo shoot.



  2005.12.12  18.31


What is that? No posting since august 21 st? Anyways, one day I found this. Tom was leaving his hotel. My god, this guy is so Hot!!!!


HereCollapse )

Mood: satisfied


  2005.08.21  22.07

Found a very pretty pic of Tom from The Fog that I at least haven't seen before. You can find it here - http://www.joblo.com/upcomingmovies/oneimage.php?id=32755&movie_id=438 . Guh, I can't wait for this movie to come out!


  2005.06.17  23.24
First promo shot of Tom in "The Fog".

From tomwelling.org:

follow me...

Mood: tired

  2005.05.29  00.48
This comm needs some love and some more Tom ...

so here is some Tom with love from me:Collapse )

Most from Tom Welling Italia, one from DTS, one from Series Lovers.

Mood: awake

  2004.12.02  21.33
Modelling picture at ebay.

There are some new pictures on sale in ebay

More New Tom modelling Pic at ebay

Money is for food. Money is for rent. I will *not* register on ebay.


  2004.11.30  10.59
Tom is hot

Picture from DTS.


  2004.10.26  18.48
2 new magazine scans of Tom

Some new magazine scans of Tom Welling have been posted at


Well at lest, I've not seen the last 2 before.


  2004.10.25  11.27
An oldie but still a great picture

I just got a scanner and wanted to try it out. I thought I would share this picture since it was my fandom test scan.

tom from In StyleCollapse )

Scanned by me.


  2004.09.27  17.20

so did anyone not see the Smallville Season Four premiere?

i've got a few screencaps posted here</i> of Tom sprawled out on the floor without his shirt. *g*

Mood: *ogle*

  2004.09.22  23.33
Friends Only :D

Take. Comment. Credit=MissMaryPotter . No Hotlinking.
Credits goldengirl311 for screenshot
xposted smallville_cons & tw_daily


  2004.07.23  20.11
random picspam

prettyness, like Tom-in-glasses, found here at this website.

take a break from whatever you're doing and go drool for a bit.


Mood: benevolent

  2004.07.03  13.53
Carson Daly Pics



  2004.05.23  18.35

[1024x768; ask if you need another size]

Mood: heh.

  2004.05.06  00.46

I found a new picture of Tom here:


It's the second last one. Guh!


  2004.04.30  10.36
I found some pics

at DTS, cleaned them up, made wallpapers out of them, and am hosting them on my photobucket page. Here is the link to where I will be hosting any pictures of Tom.

Hope you enjoy. I provided each picture in 1024x768 and in 800x600. The hottom pic I found here a while back.


Mood: nervous

  2004.04.13  00.54
New Pic

Fixed up a TW scan I found online. I haven't seen this particular photo before.Collapse )


  2004.03.16  10.28
More Paley Pics

I cannot believe this picture is on my camera. *dies of the pretty*


There are also more there at Kryptonsite, but that one is my favourite.


  2004.03.16  09.01
about last night...

For lovely, stunning pics of Tom at the William Paley Television Festival yesterday, visit this candid images page at tomwelling.org. Please be sure and leave the webmaster some feedback!


  2004.03.13  10.05
feel the burn

These were posted by the generous and wonderful kryptonsite at his site, KryptonSite, before Exile previewed and basically left all red-blooded SV fans in puddles of their own drool. Ahh, memories. Cut-tagged for size.

phone booth: calmCollapse )

phone booth: painCollapse )


  2004.03.11  10.09
recommended daily allowance

Not a new pic - most of you have already seen this promo shot before, I'm sure (source: DTS), but it's a favorite of mine and thought I'd share.


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