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Ahh, who doesn't want Tom Welling photos appearing on their friends list every day?

The Rules to Follow:

1. Do not hotlink. This means you must first download a picture from a website and upload it to your own server space or a image hosting website that allows hotlinking, such as PhotoBucket. Do not simply right click, "copy picture location" and paste the link into the community.

2. Give credit where credit is due. If you found a picture, give the base URL (ie. http://www.website.com) of where it is from. If the site has said not to repost images anywhere... well, don't repost it. Be kind.

3. If someone has posted a picture they "own" (i.e. took themselves, scanned from a magazine, or bought it off Ebay) please show them respect and do not repost it without their permission, and try to leave a comment to show our appreciation for their generosity! I won't keep a tally, but be kind and show your support!

If you cannot consistently follow these rules, your community membership will be revoked. If you find a picture you would like removed from the community, please E-Mail tigress35

Rules Meant to Be Broken

1. Do not drool.

2. Keep underwear fresh at all times.

3. Refrain from babbling incoherently at the sight of his beauitful face.

4. Do not vow to collect every TW picture on the Internet.

If you do not consistently break these rules, your community membership will be revoked.

Examples of appropriate posts can be here.